Lamaze Childbirth Education in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Did you know there is Lamaze Childbirth Education in BowIing Green, Ky now?  We just positive birth experience Lamaze childbirth education bowling green, kywrapped up the first Lamaze 8 week group series at The Spot in downtown Bowling Green and are preparing for the Spring series.  If you are due May or later this class is for you and runs from March 17th – May 5th.  We had an amazing time and I feel like everyone who attended the class was pleased with their experience. Thinking about joining the upcoming class?  Here are some details to help with your decision.

Who is this class for? This class is beneficial for those…

  • planning a hospital birth (Medical Center at Bowling Green, TJ Samson Community Hospital, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, Etc…).
  • planning a home birth.
  • planning a birth center birth birth (Baby+Co, Infinity Birthing Center, The Farm Midwifery Center, Etc…).
  • birthing with a supportive partner.
  • birthing without a partner.
  • birthing with continuous labor support from a birth doula.
  • seeking a vaginal birth without pain medication.
  • planning to use pain medications.
  • wanting an epidural.
  • wanting to learn about cesareans.
  • excited about birth.
  • dealing with a fear of childbirth.
  • first time moms.
  • experienced moms with a first time dad.
  • first time home birther.
  • planning a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC).
  • experienced couples seeking a positive birth experience.
  • birth mothers.
  • etc….

baby feet in moms hands

You get the point!  Anyone seeking a positive birth experience can benefit from childbirth education.  In Lamaze we provide you all the evidence based information on pregnancy, birth, postpartum & breastfeeding while helping you come up with a personalized birth plan.  I do my best to bring in other local birth professionals to answer all your questions and help you build a village of support.

In our Winter Lamaze series students met and heard from…

Lamaze childbirth education Bowling Green, Ky teaching The Spot
Lamaze Students at The Spot learning about cesareans from VBAC specialist Jennifer West.
Lamaze childbirth education in bowling green, ky at The Spot selfie
Taking a class Selfie during Lamaze class at The Spot.

On top of meeting all these local professionals the couples in my class made friends with other couples going through the same life changes and will have support from each other as they birth and raise their babies.  Couples also commented on how the class brought them closer together before baby’s arrival.  Dad’s especially were surprised by how interesting the information was, how casual &  fun the class environment was and how actively planning their birth strengthened their marriage.

Lastly, my students and all expectant parents have access to the doulas in the My Sunshine Birth Services Network.  Check out our Network Page to find the perfect doula for your family.

What about me?  Who is teaching this class?  Well, I’m Mary Duke LCCE (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator) and I live in Scottsville, Ky while working mostly in Bowling Green, Ky. mary duke lcce lamaze childbirth education in bowling green, ky The SpotI am married to a Ky farmer Les Brown & have a baby girl (#babydukebrown). I am owner and operator of My Sunshine Birth Services. I am also a birth doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, network manager, community leader, steering committee member & community liaison for the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition.  My background is in home birth and I’ve mostly witnessed natural birth & the midwifery form of care.  I have seen birth in its beautiful, powerful and positive form and I want to share that with local moms.  I also know that home birth isn’t for all moms and I want to help families navigate the obstetrics model of care and find the support they need through our My Sunshine Birth Services Network.  In the network you’ll find doulas who have supported over 100 moms under the care of local obstetricians. Doulas can assist moms in natural labor, with epidurals, or even cesareans.  My main goal at My Sunshine is to introduce you to the birth community we are so lucky to have and be your guide to a positive personalized birth experience.

dad supports mom lamaze childbirth education in bowling green, ky The Spot

“Dad’s especially were surprised by how interesting the information was, how casual &  fun the class environment was and how actively planning their birth strengthened their marriage.”

Here is what you need to know:

  • March 17th – May 5th
  • Every Thursday 7pm-9pm
  • Location: The Spot
  • Cost: $350

Room for 6 more couples. Become a student by emailing or calling (270)303-1546. Instantly reserve your spot  by paying a $100 deposit HERE.

Discounts (These discounts may be combined): 

  • Sign a contract by March 17th with a network doula – $35 off.
  • Sign a contract by March 17th with a home birth midwife – $35 off.

Reduced Rate & Payment Plans :

Sponsorship program (not eligible for additional discounts):

  • Currently I have 2 spots in this series for $5.00 a class ($40 total). This may be payed upfront or weekly at each class. To apply for one of theses 2 spots write an email to  briefly explaining why you want to take Lamaze (it’s that easy).  I’ll send follow up questions regarding your eligibility for financial assistance. If you are working with network professionals already please include that in your letter.
  • Would you, your business, church or organization like to sponsor a student in need of financial assistance to attend Lamaze?  Sponsoring a Student cost $300.  The sponsored student will be asked to pay $5 per class as their personal commitment. You may keep your sponsorship anonymous or I can share your partnership on our website and social media accounts.

Please contact me soon about joining Lamaze as March 17th is quickly approaching.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Lamaze Seal
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Follow all the social media links below to find My Sunshine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Reserve your place in class instantly by clicking HERE and paying a $100 deposit.  Your payment will be followed by an email confirmation and detailed class information within 48 hours. Contact me by texting or calling (270)303-1546 or email If you are due July or later and interested in a 12 week Bradley Method Series of childbirth education find April Ramey on our Network page.  She is currently booking spots for a series starting April 25th and running through June 27th.  You can also reach April at (270)404-3758 for details.