Taking the First Turn – Bringing Placenta Encapsulation to Southern Kentucky

Sometimes you have to take the first turn.

5 years ago I stumbled upon the art of placenta encapsulation and I was curious to say the least. I did some research and found the closest specialist was (at the time) 130 miles away. I wrote her and asked if I could come visit and without hesitation she invited me into her home. With no lack of generosity she welcomed me to Louisville and showed me her set up, explained the process, lead me to credible training and spoke of the ins and outs of the business. When it was all done I went straight home to Southern Ky and signed up for the Placenta Benefits training. That woman, Katherine, started me down this path with her graciousness and hospitality for which I’m very thankful.

PBi LogoWhen reality sets in.

The training was detailed and took a few months to complete and as a newly trained placenta encapsulation specialist (PES) I was ready to take on four to five local clients a month.  That goal felt justified as I considered how many people birth in Southern Ky every month and I’m only asking for a handful to sign up for my services. The following year I encapsulated a whopping 1 placenta in Southern, Ky. The rest were in Nashville under a successful doula and childbirth educator who didn’t have time to provide postpartum products for all her clients. The reality of what I had taken on started to set in. The next year was a little better, but still only 10 local clients in an entire year.

You Don’t Really Know What a Doula Is

Sorry to break it to you, but you probably don’t REALLY know what a Doula is if you’ve never hired one before. When I sit down at a birth consultation with a couple who is new to the doula world I always ask a simple question, “Do you know what a Doula is?“.  When mom solely follows me on social media and set up the appointment I will specifically ask Dad this question. I get just a few different answers.

Some people have NO CLUE what a Doula is.

The first answer I get is, “no”. I’m positive most have an idea but are nervous they’ll get it wrong; saying “no” feels easier. Of course I realize some people honestly don’t know.  A few times husbands have admitted to me they had never even heard the word “Doula” until their wives said, “We are going to meet a Doula tonight”.  I am NEVER offended by someone not knowing the specifics of my job, because I’m aware it isn’t a common career choice.  Personally I hadn’t even heard the word Doula until I was 25 years old and had already been through a pregnancy and loss.  Therefore if you answer no there is absolutely zero judgement and I’m happy you’ve taken the first step to learn what a doula is.

Other people THINK they know what a Doula is.