10 Things to Know Before Pregnancy

When my students show up to their 1st Lamaze class they are typically in their 3rd trimester and fairly close to meeting their baby.  This is per my request because most of what we talk about needs to be fresh on the couple’s mind when they go into labor and bring baby home.  The downside is I often find myself wishing they had known some pertinent information much earlier in pregnancy or even prior to conception.  This led me to compose a list of 10 things to know BEFORE pregnancy that I talk about now in Pregnancy Prep Workshops.

Movement & Alignment

proper squat for birth
A big thanks to Jillian Nicol over at www.livealigned.ca for allowing me to use her illustration.

Understanding safe and effective movement during pregnancy is worth learning if you may ever be pregnant. Ann Taylor Lashbrook of the Beyond Movement Center helped me realize that preparing our bodies for pregnancy and birth begins long before conception.  Ann Taylor says foundational strength training and movement practices done even years before conception will benefit you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. However, if you are already pregnant and haven’t been educated on your bodies proper alignment it isn’t too late.  She can teach you some foundational movements in early pregnancy or check out her YouTube channel for hundreds of videos. The image above is from Jillian Nicol and is the best illustration I’ve seen on doing a proper squat.  This movement is often used in birth, but unless mom is executing it correctly it can be ineffective. Remember the goal in a squat is to open your outlet by keeping your tail untucked (image A) vs curling your bottom in and closing your outlet (Image B).  If you are doing squats in labor be sure to do them correctly!