Bowling Green KY – Doula and Lamaze Reunion

Last month My Sunshine Birth Services had a Bowling Green Ky Doula and Lamaze Reunion.  It was the first attempt and a successful one.  We will make this an annual event and I’ll make some improvements to create an even bigger and better party for everyone.  The night was documented by Samantha Steen Photography and I’ve included a gallery of some of my favorites.

Lamaze baby
Sweet Lamaze Baby

baby drooling
A Doula Baby and his mama.
families at the park
Fun times at the park!
baby and dad
A Lamaze Dad hanging out with his sweet girl.
Dads and babies
Some of my Lamaze and Doula Dad’s catching up.
baby and mama
Another Doula baby and mama waiting for the meal to be served.
baby and dad
Look at this Cutie-pa-tootie!!
crawling baby
A Doula baby crawling around exploring the reunion.

Family Photos

Samantha Steen was on hand to offer a family photo to all that attended.  They all turned out stunning, but here are some of my favorites.

family photo
Daniels family
family photo
My doula and her family.
family photo
Doula client Ann Taylor Lashbrook and her son.
family photo
Doula and Lamaze family The Grays getting a family photo taken.
Nate’s mom was a Lamaze student and used Jennifer West as her Doula.
family photo
Keith, Krystalin and Everett were Lamaze and Doula clients.
family photo
The Suleski family getting a family photo. They were Doula clients last year.
mom babywearing
Vanessa was a Lamaze student who (with the support of Jennifer West) went on to have a successful VBAC.
dad and baby
Those eyes!
family photo
I enjoyed my hospital birth experience with the family so much.
family photo
Another beautiful family photo by Samantha Steen.
Lamaze group photo
Some of the 2017 Lamaze graduates and class participants.

A very special thank you to Samantha Steen Photography for all these gorgeous images!

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