Lamaze Childbirth Education Course Topics

I was putting together a general outline of my Lamaze Childbirth Education Course Topics for our certifying Doulas to turn in with their DONA paperwork and I decided to share the outline with you all.

Have you ever wondered what topics are covered in a comprehensive childbirth education course?  This is the list of topics I came up with this morning and I still feel like I’m missing some!

Lamaze Childbirth Education Course Topics:

  • The normal, natural process of labor and birth, and health-care practices that
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    support it

  • The rights of childbearing woman
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Labor
  • Changes during late pregnancy and the stages of labor
  • The important role that pain plays in labor and a wide variety of coping strategies for managing it
  • The importance of labor support (Doula/Partner)
  • Partner’s role in labor, breastfeeding and postpartum care
  • Movement and positioning during labor and birth
  • Medical interventions and their indications, risks and alternatives
  • Cesarean awareness and how to plan for a gentle cesarean
  • How to communicate with your healthcare provider
  • Developing a birth plan
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn Care
  • Postpartum expectations and Self Care
  • Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression
  • Birth Control options and Natural Family Planning (Fertility Awareness)
  •  Car Seat Safety
  • Local resources to support you during and after pregnancy

Keep in mind that there are many sub-topics beneath these topics and the knowledge you’ll gain from a comprehensive childbirth education course is immense.  Consider a minimum 12 hour childbirth education course under an educator certified by a reputable agency when you are planning your birth.  Want to learn more about education and support options in Southern KY then come to our monthly Meet The Doulas or email for details.

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The great news is that Laura was very kind to invite me back to talk more about Lamaze, Meet the Doulas and our Push Present Promotion.  Stay tuned for part 2!

Without further ado Push Presents for Bowling Green, KY Expectant Moms on WBKO:

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Mary Duke LCCE

Mary Duke LCCE – Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator – Birth Doula – Placenta Encapsulation Specialist – Network Manager – Community Leader – Farmwife – Mom

Lamaze Childbirth Education in Bowling Green, Ky

Did you know there is Lamaze Childbirth Education in BowIing Green, Ky now?  We just positive birth experience Lamaze childbirth education bowling green, kywrapped up the first Lamaze 8 week group series at The Spot in downtown Bowling Green and are preparing for the Spring series.  If you are due May or later this class is for you and runs from March 17th – May 5th.  We had an amazing time and I feel like everyone who attended the class was pleased with their experience. Thinking about joining the upcoming class?  Here are some details to help with your decision.

Who is this class for? This class is beneficial for those…

Lamaze on WBKO AM Kentucky

A big thanks to WBKO and the beautiful Laura Rogers for having me on WBKO AM Kentucky this morning.  It was a much different experience than midday.  It was very quiet in the studio early in the morning and less than half the time to talk during my segment.  Two and a half minutes can really fly by, but Laura did her job with ease guiding me through the segment.  I continue to be impressed with the kindness and consideration all of the WBKO staff shows me.

I hope you all enjoy this segment, and I hope you’ll see more of My Sunshine Birth Services on WBKO.

Gifts pregnant women and their partners REALLY want.

Thank you for tuning in today and watching my segment on WBKO’s Midday Live where I discussed practical gifts for expectant Parents.  As I discussed on the show this list was created through suggestions of my clients, social media followers and network birth professionals.  Here is the detailed list that includes items not seen on TV today and how to find the items mentioned.

“…break tradition and get practical gifts that will make birth and postpartum a positive experience for the whole family.”