KY Doulas Network

Below you will find the KY Doulas Network. A network of professionals and other relevant providers that serve Southern Kentucky. While they offer a variety of services, most with free consultation, they are all doulas. I want the best for all my students and that means surrounding them with amazing people. Please get to know each and everyone of these extraordinary individuals. Most (if not all) will stop by class or workshop to meet my students in person.”

Meet The Professionals

Mary Duke LCCE Lamaze Childbirth Educator - KY Doulas Network
Mary Duke LCCE

Mary Duke LCCE is the only Lamaze certified childbirth educator in South Central Kentucky and one of only 2 placenta encapsulation specialists serving the state. Mary is also a trained Doula. Her life is very full with helping her husband tend to their family farm, caring for their young daughter and her many professional duties. Mary is an administrator of BabyNet KY as well as a steering committee member & community liaison for the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition. Last, but not least, she is the creator, owner & network manager for My Sunshine Birth Services KY Doulas Network.

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KY Doulas Network
Amanda Poteet-Woolen

Amanda Poteet-Woolen is a well respected DONA trained Doula who serves all of Southern Kentucky, and is certified lactation counselor. She is a devoted wife and loving mother to 2 beautiful girls. Amanda has made a name for herself at TJ Samson in Glasgow, KY and touches the lives of all the families she works for through the KY Doulas Network.

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KY Doulas Network
April Ramey

April Ramey is a certified labor doula and instructor for The Bradley Method childbirth classes in the KY Doulas Network.  She is very happily married and mother to a energetic young girl. April is born and raised in KY and serves all of south central KY. She is eager to serve our community through labor support and education.  We are thankful to have the Bradley Birth Method represented in our Network.

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Jennifer West

Jennifer West is the mother of 5 and a DONA trained Doula, specializing in VBACs, and currently working towards her DONA certification. She established and for 3 years co-led the Bowling Green ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) chapter. Currently, she is an administrator for a VBAC and C-section support group that serves the Bowling Green area. She is also a regional liaison for the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition.  Jennifer has recently begun her academic studies to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). In addition to her birth doula services in the KY Doulas Network, Jennifer offers services for women planning a family centered Cesarean. She will educate and empower you to be able to advocate for a gentle family centered Cesarean.

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Samantha Steen

 Steen is the proud wife of Jim Steen, and Mom to 5 awesome kiddos, a precious daughter in law and 3 sweet furbabies. With over 10 years of photography experience Sam specializes in all things maternity, birth and baby. Along with photography Sam is an aspiring birth and bereavement doula working on her training & certifications. Member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and an affiliate photographer/digital retouch artist for the volunteer organization “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” for which Sam recently became the Area Coordinator here in Kentucky. She can document your birth story through photos and video in any birth setting in a 1 hour radius of Bowling Green, Ky. Her fresh 48 pictures capture those precious newborn moments without disrupting the delicate postpartum experience. Samantha truly believes that every birth is beautiful and is honored to be a storyteller of life and love.

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Susan Daniels

Susan Daniels and her husband Scott have been married 29 years.being blessed with 9 children along the way. All of Susan’s babies were born either at home or in a birthing center and She is proud to say she despite some roadblocks she had a success breastfeeding experience with all 9! Susan is now a grandma living on a farm in Barren County working alongside her family. Susan has always felt a calling to birth work and now she is finding a way to use her years of experience and training to serve local families. Susan offers postpartum doula services and limited birth doula services. We are grateful to have Susan with us in the network and excited to see how she will nurture local families after the births of their babies.
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Meet Other Contacts

project breastfeeding

Les Brown is a 5th generation farmer in Scottsville, Ky, a proud 1st time father, and supportive husband to Mary Duke of My Sunshine Birth Services.  He believes Dads should be in the picture and play a big role in their partner’s success at breastfeeding. If you are a Dad-to-be and have questions about how to support your partner through pregnancy, labor or breastfeeding email Les or save questions for class for when he stops by!

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