The Gifts Pregnant Women and Their Partners REALLY Want

Thank you for tuning in today and watching my segment on WBKO’s Midday Live where I discussed practical gifts for expectant Parents.  As I discussed on the show this list was created through suggestions of my clients, social media followers and network birth professionals.  Here is the detailed list that includes items not seen on TV today and how to find the items mentioned.

“…break tradition and get practical gifts that will make birth and postpartum a positive experience for the whole family.”

Why You Should ‘Meet a Doula’ in Bowling Green Kentucky

why meet doulas bowling green ky medical center tj samson Lamaze Childbirth EducationSo you may have heard that My Sunshine Birth Services has been having very successful “Meet the Doulas” events in downtown Bowling Green at Spencer’s Coffee.  People are jumping at the opportunity and have always wanted to meet their neighborhood Doulas, but some families are wondering, “why”? So, with the help of all the My Sunshine Birth Network Doulas we are breaking down the top 10 reasons you need to meet the Doulas.  Some highlights include…


“If you are a partner to a pregnant women and are feeling overwhelmed you want to meet us!”

“We are an awesome group of helpful, fun, informative women and you want to know us.”

“We have specific answers for you on any questions you have about local birth professionals, care providers, hospitals, childbirth education, etc…”

New Freestanding Birth Center

The My Sunshine Birth Doulas have been busy this past week with training, workshops, and networking.  I’ll be doing a series of blog entries to let you know about all the adventures we’ve been on.  Here is our first stop Nashville’s New Freestanding Birth Center.

Baby + Co (freestanding birthing center)

First some of us went to the new Baby+Co Boutique Birth Center in Nashville TN to meet with the ladies behind the scenes, tour the facilities and learn about their practices.

Expo Pictures, New Addition & Film by Kalimana

debuting our film

I’m so excited to see where things go from here with My Sunshine Birth Services. Sunday we sponsored our first Maternity, Baby & Kids Expo and debuted our first ever promo film by Kalimana Film Stories (watch at bottom of this post).  We met a lot of people and new business owners.  I want to share with you some of the photos from yesterday and share with you our new film. I’m also excited to say that we added a new, but very familiar, doula to our network.

Kentucky Dads Support Breastfeeding

Kentucky Dads Support Breastfeeding

project breastfeeding
Photo Credit: Hector Cruz

Meet my other Half, Les Brown.  He is a 5th generation Farmer in Scottsville, KY and a proud supporter of breastfeeding.  Yesterday a story ran in the Courier-Journal about the KY Dads Support Breastfeeding Campaign that will be seen all over the commonwealth this year (see article HERE).  There is also a website that Les and several other Dad’s are featured on, and you can see it at  There is a brochure that has been sent out to some of KY’s delivering Hospitals and a TV & Radio spot (Brochure and TV spot Seen HERE).  All of this is mentioned in the article. Please take a minute to read it.  There is also an interview with a Bowling Green Dad, Lam Vo

With Our Messy House

This morning on my calendar I had all morning set aside for cleaning house (which it desperately needed).  Every time I tried to set Marley Ann Down to clean she got upset.  I strapped her on with the Boba carrier and started to do dishes.  Then she wanted to nurse, and that turned into a nursing marathon.  Suddenly the morning was gone and the house was still a disaster.

I felt a very negative energy come over me.  With every dirty dish or piece of trash or scattered mail I saw I started getting upset and placing blame.

Who left THAT there? Why is this here?  Why could Marley not have played on her own this morning? Then I left.