Lamaze Class

My Comprehensive childbirth education course is made up of six, 3-hour classes that will guide you through late pregnancy, planning your birth and preparing for postpartum.

The best part though?!?! You get 6 date nights!! That’s right. For 6 weeks leading up to your birth you and your partner can plan 6 dates. Before class have lunch at one of the many downtown establishments. After class share a drink or bite at Spencer’s Coffee. Take a walk around downtown discussing what you’ve learned in class and all your plans for baby. Go see a movie! Visit old friends! Make those 6 days count because soon you will be focused on baby.

Contact me today to start class THIS Saturday. Email me at or call 1-270-303-1546.

Lamaze on WBKO AM Kentucky

A big thanks to WBKO and the beautiful Laura Rogers for having me on WBKO AM Kentucky this morning.  It was a much different experience than midday.  It was very quiet in the studio early in the morning and less than half the time to talk during my segment.  Two and a half minutes can really fly by, but Laura did her job with ease guiding me through the segment.  I continue to be impressed with the kindness and consideration all of the WBKO staff shows me.

I hope you all enjoy this segment, and I hope you’ll see more of My Sunshine Birth Services on WBKO.

The Gifts Pregnant Women and Their Partners REALLY Want

Thank you for tuning in today and watching my segment on WBKO’s Midday Live where I discussed practical gifts for expectant Parents.  As I discussed on the show this list was created through suggestions of my clients, social media followers and network birth professionals.  Here is the detailed list that includes items not seen on TV today and how to find the items mentioned.

“…break tradition and get practical gifts that will make birth and postpartum a positive experience for the whole family.”